7 Best Vilamoura Boat Trips to Add to Your Bucket List for 2022

Vilamoura is nestled along the Algarve coast. It has breathtaking views, a rich history, and a vibrant array of restaurants that could make any visitor swoon. Whether you spend your day exploring the Loulé Castle or the Cerro de Vila museum taking the time to enjoy the water on any of the best Vilamoura boat trips is a must.

The Algarve coastline is picturesque and covered with small fishing towns and beautiful sandy beaches.

The greatest beauty in southern Portugal is in the crystal blue water around Vilamoura. If you want a beautiful serine sunset on the water or a fun private charter to celebrate with friends, chartering a private cruise will be the perfect excursion for you.

No matter what kind of trip you are looking for you can find some best Vilamoura boat trips here.

Best Vilamoura Boat Trips

Charter a luxury yacht for a day, search for dolphins in the wild, explore the Ria Formosa and discover the magnificent sea caves, like the Benagil cave, along the Algarve coast. Discover the fabulous stunning coastline by taking a Vilamoura boat trip. Booking a private luxury charter can be the perfect opportunity for romance, adventure, or relaxation. With such a wide array of boat trips, you can surely find a Vilamoura boat trip that’s perfect for you.

Here are some perfect Vilamoura boat trips to make your time on the Algarve sea unforgettable.

1. Benagil Cave Cruise

This beautiful four-hour excursion takes you to the Benagil Sea Cave. These caves are only accessible by boat and are the perfect way to get away and enjoy a private moment. This is perfect for a moment of romance or an afternoon of snorkelling in the cave with family.

The clear waters sparkle through the sunlight streaming in from the cave’s openings. This daytime cruise comes with amazing local catering options. Your taste buds can be as mystified as your eyes by the best that Vilamoura has to offer.

2. Vilamoura Sunset Cruise

The perfect romantic evening is a private yacht equipped with a captain, wine, and a charcuterie board as the sun sets over the sea. From bubbly to add a photographer to your sunset cruise, everything can be customized to help you create that perfect romantic moment.

A Vilamoura Sunset Cruise is perfect for an elegant get together amongst friends or an evening of romance with someone you love. From being on the open sea to finding intimate locations hidden along the coast your captain is fully prepared to cruise you into a moment of serenity.

3. Afternoon Luxury Cruise

This three-hour cruise is designed for exploration and excitement. In your afternoon of luxury, you can suit up for snorkelling and water activities or enjoy a nice light lunch on the water.

This trip comes with paddle boarding and snorkelling to help you get even closer to the water. You can even enhance your excursion by adding water sports or a professional photographer to your Afternoon Luxury Cruise charter.

4. Half-Day & Sunset Cruise

Once you spend your day having fun soaking in the sun, you can curl up on the deck and relax to the beautiful sunset on the water. This six-hour trip is the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation.

The Half-Day & Sunset Cruise comes with paddle boarding, exploring sea caves, and snorkelling but also allows for a glass of wine to unwind as you get a front-row seat to the sunset.

5. Morning Private Yacht Charter

The perfect way to start your day is on the calm water of the Algarve coast. You can enjoy your morning with some refreshments and exploration of the coastline.

This trip starts in the morning so it is the perfect three-hour Morning Private Yacht Charter to let you explore before the heat of the sun becomes direct on the water.

6. Full-Day Algarve Cruise

Spend the day on the water and soaking in the sun on a Full-Day Algarve Cruise. You can explore the best that the coast has to offer with short breaks ashore for local beachside cuisine.

This trip can also be a fun adventure once you suit up in your snorkelling gear. You can enjoy swimming in the Algarve sea alongside dolphins and other sea life.

7. Hen Party Cruise

If your bride-to-be is excited about the vibrant nightlife of Vilamoura this is the perfect way to get her evening started. As the sun begins to set the bride-to-be and her hens can come aboard for drinks, music, and fun.

Not only can you blast music and party on your private boat but you can also enjoy the sun setting into the sea as you sip on your rosé. The perfect way to send your friend down the aisle is with a Hen Party Cruise. She will be pampered from departure to the return to the marina.

Confidence in Confirming your Vilamoura Boat Trips

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Luxury on the Water

Nothing should stop you from setting sail on the open water and treating yourself to a bit of luxury. These private boating services are the perfect way to escape and find intimate moments with a small group of people.

With such a wide variety of cruise options, you can surely find the perfect and best Vilamoura boat trip to help you relax.

If you have your own trip itinerary in mind Azure Luxury Charters can work with you to build your charter and help you to get cruising. Connect with us to book your Vilamoura boat trip today.