Man standing inside Benagil cave

Is it worth visiting the famous Benagil Cave in Portugal? Absolutely. The Algarve Caves are a particularly stunning part of the Algarve region in Portugal. This part of the world has a lot of spectacular rock formations along the jagged cliffs of the coast. Passing Portimão, Albufeira, Gale, Armacão de Pera, and Carvoeiro, and next to the small Algarve fishing village of Benagil is the Benagil Sea Cave or the Algar de Benagil, its Portuguese name.

Winds and waves have joined forces to create a large domed cave, with a high ceiling. The entry channel from the sea opens out into the larger than expected cave, with sunlight streaming through openings in the rock dome roof acting as a spotlight on the constantly sea-cleaned, fine golden sand and the translucent azure water, creating a magical effect.

Inside Benagil Cave

The cave’s only viable entrances are a couple of arched openings bathed by the sea. Since access to the beautiful secluded beach in the cave is only by sea, visitors aboard Lux Charters Private 4-hour Benagil Afternoon Yacht Charter are provided with various options to enter its inner sanctuary – aboard the charter boat B. Happy, paddling to the cave’s beach using the onboard kayaks, taking a ride in the inflatable dinghy, or by swimming or using the provided snorkeling equipment. When you are visiting the Algarve, not seeing Benagil up close and cozy would be a sin and should be part of your vacation plans while in the Algarve.

The sun filled dome showcases walls in radiant shades of amber which enclose the small intimate beach. There are a lot of beautiful beaches near Lagos, but the Benagil Sea Cave is the highlight of the Algarve. The Benagil Sea Cave is a natural wonder of the world and looks like a stunning grotto upon the ocean. Benagil is a pure travel inspiration for those who have not been to see it.