Discover fabulous beach clubs and beach restaurants in Vilamoura. Great beach bars and eateries by the sea, where you can enjoy cocktails in the sun, sounds at sunset, and dance beneath the stars. Vilamoura marina is home to our gorgeous yacht for charter, the B.Happy, so we know the best beach fun spots in the area. Read on for our tips on top beach bars in Vilamoura. There are two main beach areas in Vilamoura, separated by the marina. To
Visiting Vilamoura and wondering what to do? Get some inspiration on the best things to do in Vilamoura! Family activities, romantic moments, nightlife in Vilamoura. Discover Vilamoura from the sea, enjoy sports in Vilamoura or have lazy meals at Vilamoura beach restaurants. Vilamoura is a sunny playground in southern Portugal’s Algarve region. Home to world-renowned golf courses, washed by the Atlantic and with miles of fine, sandy beaches to enjoy, Vilamoura is a fabulous holiday destination. If you’re planning to
Friends recently asked about the best restaurants in the Algarve for their evening meal on one of their first visits to the region. There are so many good choices! What are you Looking for in a Restaurant? But when you are sitting near a beach that fishermen have been dragging their catch across since pre-Roman times, or when you are watching a sunset behind a handful of medieval farm buildings atop million-year-old cliffs, sometimes modern, on-trend chic and sterile gastro-temples