Our Vilamoura Yacht Hire FAQ provides answers to the most common questions our guests ask when planning their perfect day on the water. Still have questions or need some advice on which is the best Vilamoura yacht charter option for your group or family? Give us a call, or contact Azure Luxury Charters and our helpful staff will get back to you quickly.



  • Do you have gift certificates?
    • Yes, we have gift certificates. A private yacht charter makes a perfect gift to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. You may also want to give a charter as a wedding present. Please contact Azure Luxury Charters directly and we can provide you with a certificate for any type of charter you select.

  • Can I extend my charter time?
    • Yes. You may extend your charter time if time allows. You may add an hour or two depending upon availability. We will not be able to accommodate your extension request if there is a booking after your charter.

  • Can I make a last-minute reservation?
    • We would rather you make a reservation in advance; however, we understand that these are busy times and sometimes it is not possible to book in advance. Please contact Azure Luxury Charters and we will do our very best to accommodate your group.

  • Do I have to make a reservation?
    • Yes. Reservations ensure you get the experience you are looking for and the best day that fits into your travel plans. Reservations also help us plan and ensure we have enough supplies on board for the number in your group and we can accommodate any special requests and Sunseeker charter options.

  • What is your refund and cancellation policy?
    • While you are planning for your 2022 vacation, you can book now with confidence and secure the dates and times that work best for you.  If your travel plans change, cancel up to 24 hours before your cruise, and receive a full refund, or you can choose to reschedule your Vilamoura yacht charter for another day.

      Once you have made your reservation, we will reject other bookings that may be for the same date and duration to accommodate your request. We may contact you to reschedule your charter date if the weather will make your charter uncomfortable. If needed, we will try to reschedule you for the previous or following day as this will be the next best option. Thank you for your understanding.

Planning your day

  • Will you collect me from my hotel or Villa?
    • We do not have our own pick-up service, but we can arrange transportation through one of our partners. It may also be easy for you to arrange transportation to Vilamoura Marina with your hotel. Your driver will take you to the Hole in One Sports Bar located on Avenida Cerro da Villa, Vilamoura. It is just a short walk down the stairs to the yachts. You can find exact GPS coordinates for our meeting spot on each Vilamoura yacht charter cruise.

  • Is there music or Wi-Fi on board?
    • Yes, there is a stereo system with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so bring your personal digital music collection, or connect to your favourite streaming service while onboard. Don’t forget to share your experience on your social media page as well! Nothing is better than updating your status while on a Vilamoura yacht charter, laying in the sun sipping champagne.

  • Can we order catering aboard or go to a beachside restaurant?
    • Yes, absolutely, our Sunseeker charter options will help you pick and choose seafood or Sushi to have onboard for your charter or we have great relationships with several beachside restaurants that will come out to the boat and take you to shore. Our Preferred Partners will also ensure you get a table with an amazing view!

  • Do you stop to go swimming, snorkeling or paddle boarding?
    • Yes. We generally stop to go swimming, snorkelling or paddleboarding as time allows, typically on charters four hours and longer. The Algarve water is warm and clear, and you should spend as much time in it as possible. We have snorkelling equipment and paddleboards onboard. We also have water rings for all to enjoy. You can plan the details with the crew once you are on board. See our Sunseeker charter options for additional watersport activities.

  • Are there toilets, change rooms, and showers on board?
    • Yes. There are two restrooms, a large private cabin, and two showers in the boat. For your convenience, there is also a freshwater shower with warm water at the stern of the boat to rinse off after swimming. Sunseeker Charter on B. Happy can provide you with more information about the yacht layout and facilities.

  • What do I need to bring?
    • Our Vilamoura yacht charters are all-inclusive, so you do not have to bring much. We suggest you bring appropriate clothing for the season and a camera or cell phone to take pictures of your adventure. For more details see What should I wear in the Vilamoura Yacht Hire FAQ.

  • What should I wear?
    • Wear whatever is comfortable. We recommend you dress in layers and wear comfortable athletic clothing that will wick away perspiration and keep you dry. You will want to have a sun hat, sunscreen, and a lightweight jacket if the weather is chilly. Bring a swimsuit if you intend to go swimming, snorkelling, standup paddleboarding, or participate in our Sunseeker charter options bespoke watersport activities. We provide fresh towels for your convenience.



  • Will I get seasick?
    • You are not likely to get seasick during your charter, as our yachts are very stable in all weather and the seas are normally very smooth in the Algarve. You can avoid motion sickness by proactively taking motion sickness medication before boarding. If you are feeling uneasy, the best place to be is on the sun pad at the back of the boat. If weather conditions are going to make the charter uncomfortable, we will work with you to reschedule for a better day. Before boarding, it may be an idea to read Sunseeker Charter on B. Happy to become familiar with the yacht and the facilities onboard.

  • Are we still going out even though it is rainy or overcast?
    • We do go yachting in rainy and overcast weather conditions as these conditions do change rapidly in the Algarve. It could be sprinkling rain while boarding and brilliant sunshine before you leave the dock. After all, we are going on an adventure! We will contact you the day before your Vilamoura yacht charter if there are changes due to weather. If needed, we will try to reschedule you for the previous or following day as this will be the next best option.

Water Sports

  • Can I experience an e-Foil Surfboard on my charter?
    • Absolutely! This is one of the latest additions to our Sunseeker Charter Options and is one of the most in-demand, we recommend booking this experience at the same time as your charter booking, at a minimum, 36 hours in advance to arrange for your e-Foil surfboard. Plan for one hour of lessons and experience – Foils are available from €250.00 per hour per board.

  • Can I add a Jet ski experience to my charter?
    • Yes, absolutely. These are available from our partners that meet us at a planned location, they supply everything. For charter boats, Jetski rentals are available in the mornings, so you would need to either be on a Morning cruise or a full-day cruise to add this option to your charter.

      • Each Jetski can take two passengers
      • Under 16 years old need to be accompanied by an adult
      • No license is required, but you will be on a closed course
  • What watersports activities do you have onboard?
    • Any of our charters provide you with the use of Paddleboards, kayaks snorkeling equipment. However, on cruises of less than 3 hours, we find that our guests don’t have enough time to both enjoy the coastline and play in the water. On our 4 hour cruises, depending on our destination we may have time for swimming or use of the “toys”. On our full-day cruises, there is enough time to play on the paddleboards, kayaks, go snorkeling, and just relax on the deck taking in the sun with a cold drink. We can alter the route on shorter duration cruises to accommodate your wishes, but we also want you to have time to experience the amazing Algarve coastline.

We hope our Vilamoura Yacht Hire FAQ has answered your questions? If not, please contact Azure Luxury Charters directly and a member of our staff will B.Happy to get back to you promptly. We will continue to update our FAQ as we gather more questions from our guests.

Thank you and we look forward to having you aboard!