Planning the Trip of a Lifetime: 8 Reasons why You Should Charter a Yacht in the Algarve

Vilamoura is home to the largest marina in all of Portugal and has come to be one of the most luxurious resort towns in all of Europe. Vilamoura is located in the Algarve region which is in southern Portugal. It’s no wonder that so many people charter a yacht in the Algarve for their next vacation!

If you’re heading to Vilamoura, make sure that you get the best experience possible while you’re there. Charter a yacht in Vilamoura and see the sights along the coastline and beyond–it’s the best way to ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime!

Why does chartering a yacht to cruise the open waters elevate any trip to the Algarve?

Read on for eight reasons that chartering a yacht in Vilamoura is the best way to have a memorable trip to the Algarve coast!

1. You Can’t Say You’ve Been to Vilamoura if You Haven’t hit the Open Waters

Vilamoura is more than just five-star seafood restaurants, pristine golf courses, and historic castles and cathedrals. One of the many reasons that Vilamoura has become the go-to spot for vacationers all over the world is its unbeatable natural beauty.

There’s no better way to bear witness to that natural beauty than from the front of a yacht. In fact, if you don’t head out in open waters at least once during your stay, you’ll miss the true essence of this incredible Portuguese town.

2. The Caves Are Easiest to Reach by Boat

The Algarve region is dotted with incredible sea caves that you won’t want to miss. The Benagil Cave, in particular, is a must-see if you’re visiting Vilamoura, as it is the only sea cave in the area to have a naturally occurring skylight. When the sun hits this open space at the top of the Benagil Cave, you’ll see an incredible light show as the water reflects off of the yellow and orange walls of the cave.

The best way to reach the sea caves of Vilamoura is by boat. We can take you directly to the Benagil Cave, where you can head right into the mouth of the cave.

3. Get a Great View of Algarve’s Dramatic Cliffs

Another stunning natural feature of the Algarve region is the series of dramatic cliffs that have been naturally carved along the coastline. Hiking along the tops of the cliffs provides a beautiful view of the sea, but you can’t miss a view of the cliffs from below, too. From a chartered yacht, you’ll be able to see all of the colours and textures formed by the sea over centuries.

4. Head to the Best Spots for Snorkeling and Paddleboarding

If you love adventure, you’re not going to want to miss the opportunity to dive into the ocean and go snorkelling or paddle boarding off the coast of Portugal. With such crystal clear waters, you can enjoy underwater scenery like no other. Finish up a day of fun by catching some gentle Atlantic waves or go for a quiet exploration of the coast by paddleboard.

5. Catch Sight of Dolphins in the Wild

How often do you have the opportunity to see dolphins in the wild? Smaller or self-propelled boats are fun, but a yacht is what you need to catch sight of Vilamoura’s dolphin pods.

Our crew have plenty of experience taking guests out for dolphin safaris and we know where to go to find these elusive creatures, along with other marine life. You won’t want to leave the Algarve with the disappointment of knowing that you didn’t go looking for dolphins!

6. Enjoy the Safety of Traveling With a Professional Captain

All of our yachts are steered by trusted and trained captains who will guarantee the safest of travels. Even when you stay close to the shore, it’s important to keep an eye on the waves and the weather. In the hands of our professional captains, you can relax and enjoy your yacht chartering experience.

7. Relax With Drinks and Snacks

No matter what, you’ll want to spend some time out at sea during your stay in the Algarve. However, if you want that time to be as luxurious as the rest of your vacation, chartering a yacht is the way to go.

We provide all of our valued customers with plenty of chilled bubbly, white wine, rosé, beer, and soft drinks. You will also get to enjoy hand-selected cheeses, meats, fruits, pastries, and other local fares while you traverse the smooth waters.

8. Get the Best Seats in the House for the Sunset

The Algarve is known for its amazing weather and clear blue skies. While you’re here, you’ll see sunsets that are unlike any you’ve seen before.

Where is the best place to go to catch a breathtaking Algarve sunset? You won’t want to miss a sunset cruise on one of our luxury yachts, where you’ll catch the most Instagram-worthy sunset around!

Charter a Yacht and Experience a Vacation You’ll Never Forget

The Algarve has become one of the go-to spots for vacationers from all around the world. With such great food, incredible resorts, and thrilling amenities, it’s easy to understand the appeal. Add a day of exploring the open waters in a luxurious yacht and you’ve got one of the most memorable vacations of a lifetime.

The truth is that if you don’t charter a yacht during your stay, you haven’t experienced the Algarve to the fullest. We offer a wide variety of packages, from our Benagil Cave Cruise to our Vilamoura Sunset Cruise. To find out more about our packages, pricing, and availability, contact us today.